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Oil spill kits, mooring lines and boarding ladders will cover your needs in terms of harbour-related gear. We have selected a broad range of inventive gear that will help you in fulfilling the strict safety and environmental rules we find in the harbours today.

  • Ships carrying oil as a secondary cargo (bunkers), sailing the flag of the USA or sailing in US territorial waters, should carry on board an Oil Spill Response kit with an absorbing capacity of 0,5...

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    Oil spill response kit OPA 0,5 barrel
  • Length 5 meter, consisting of 9 regular wooden steps, 2 wooden spreaders and 4 rubber steps. Dimensions in mm (hxwxd): 5000x1200x100.

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    Pilot ladder
  • Embarkation ladder, length 12 metre, consisting of 36 steps. Embarkation ladders are available from 2 till 23 metre.

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    Embarkation ladders
  • Polyester, white, 1VZ, dimensions 1100 x 725 x 925 mm. Also available: 3.05.0010: 2VZ, dimensions 1100 x 725 x 625 mm 3.05.0015: 3VZ, dimensions 800 x 725 x 925 mm 3.05.0020: 4VZ, dimensions...

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    Life jacket box
  • This suitcase contains various types of items. Every year thousands of accidents happen while carrying out repairs or maintenance work on machinery and equipment onboard. To prevent these kinds of...

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    Masterlock®: lock out, tag out

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