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1 April 2011

Almost a year ago Datema launched the revolutionary ENCTrack service. As confirmed in previous newsletters and trough the international media, the launch triggered a considerable debate in the Hydrographic and Maritime community. Following Datema has been forced by the IC-ENC to temporarily limit the coverage of the service pending the evaluation of the contract terms between the two RENC centres IC-ENC and Primar.

We have of course continued to present the ENCTrack concept to shipowners world-wide. From a user perspective the response has been overwhelming. Almost everybody with any ECDIS experience agreed that the ENCTrack concept is the way forward in digital navigation. Many of them have confirmed to start trials as soon as we can re-launch the original service. From a political point of view the evaluation is however still pending. We have received feedback that the IC-ENC members have voted positively on re-issuing their data into the ENCTrack service. However the final approval, and therefore re-launch, has again been made dependant on possible merger discussions of the two RENC centres. Our estimation was that we could re-launch the ENCTrack service by April 2010. As we all know political debates always take longer than anticipated. We truly believe that the ENCTrack concept is setting the standard for the future. We have full confidence that we will receive the final approval. Without it we should really ask ourselves whether the mandation of ECDIS is able to have the expected positive contribution to safer navigation? For those that have not yet studied the ENCTrack concept, more detail can be found on For your reference I have enclosed the two previous newsletters.

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