Brandnew vessel tracking platform: BOD MyFleet

5 October 2016

We are very proud to announce that BigOceanData has appointed us to be their distributor for BOD MyFleet; the newest vessel tracking platform designed to meet the needs of today’s maritime sector. A web-based, full function, tracking service at a highly competitive price.

BOD MyFleet

BOD MyFleet has the ability to have multiple data sources reporting into one platform, using an optimised combination of satellite and terrestrial AIS and a sophisticated integration of C-Map maritime charts with Google Maps. This enables you to receive more frequent positional reports with no artificial delay, whilst minimizing data charges. You are able to monitor the position, the performance and even additional environmental and risk factors of just one or an unlimited number of vessels at sea.


BOD MyFleet is both flexible and adaptable. The standard features include:

  • Globe view of all your vessels with digital charts on the background.
  • Historical AIS data of 12 months held online for immediate access
  • Scheduled arrivals report – you have the ability to identify vessels that are due to arrive in any port around the world, the contact details are included.
  • Weather forecast – 5-day weather forecast
  • Piracy information – real time incident reporting
  • In Vicinity – flexible querying of events for individual vessels, weather events or piracy activity
  • Custom areas/zones – the system has Marpol zones and Notices to Mariners displayed on the mapping interface. BOD MyFleet allows you to import your own zones as well as being able to create an unlimited number of polygonal zones which allow users to automate the system and alert on zone entry/exit for areas such as anchorage, port terminals, berths, bunkers, cable routes, fishing territories, etc.
  • API access – BOD MyFleet allows you to pull various information such as Inmarsat-C positional data through the API so that these can be integrated directly with any other back office systems that you are using.
  • Alerts via email or text for free
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