• Cassens and Plath, directional system Ø 160 mm, 1° division from above and below readable. Card printing: north below north. 1.15.0835:  Steering compass, directional system Ø 180 mm, 1°...

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    Magnetic steering compass
  • Marine electromagnetic compasses (such as VARIOcourse Cassens & Plath) are used as a course reference for marine navigation. Contrary to conventional magnetic compasses, these compasses use an...

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    Electro-magnetic compass
  • Bearing compass, directional system Ø 160 mm, 1° division from above and below. Card printing: north below north. 1.15.0810: Bearing/reflector magnetic compass type 11, card Ø 180 mm, MED...

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    Magnetic bearing compass
  • Professional steering compass for use on coastal commercial vessels and yachts. With white card 2/1° division type approval of European MED as lifeboat compass. Design according to ISO 25862:2009...

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    Spherical magnetic compass
  • Suitable for motorcruisers and sailing yachts, selection of 76.2 mm flat or spherical rose, internal compensators, built-in night lights, green, 12V, hardened-steel needle with sapphires seat,...

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    Lifeboat compass
  • With 5 degrees card division according to MED approval. 9.15.0505 Calibration certificate

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    Traditional flat top lifeboat compass
  • C. Plath compass for horizontal setup. 5 compasscard with three lubber lines. 12 volt illumination, optional 24 volt illumination. Optional extras: 172mm ø binnacle, attachment bracket, corrector...

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    Compass Merkur S-R Type 4221

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