The new release: Chartplanner3.2

7 July 2016

We proudly present the latest release of our Chartplanner software version 3.2, for the management of all your electronic charts and books licenses. Chartplanner is the backbone of our digital services onboard vessels. Of course we continue to improve this software, so that we anticipate the latest worldwide developments in ENC coverage and the extensive digitalisation of charts and books.

The Chartplanner service already allows you access to order ENCs, AVCS and ARCS navigational charts, digital ENC updates, NtM and T&P notices services and has a fully automated planning and ordering process. There is no physical handling of any kind. The result: Chartplanner allows you to order permits, updates and digital NtM’s by email within mere seconds, 24/7, anywhere in the world.

What’s new in the software

With the new software we added features making the use even more easier than before.

  • The first new feature makes it possible to place orders through Chartplanner for ADP and/or eNP in case you have an active license with Datema.
  • The second feature we added takes care of the ENC/AVCS updates via the internet, resulting in flexibility of planning and updating.
  • The third feature concerns the NtM-database. We added a search button, so you can search by notice or chartnumber.
  • And the final feature makes sure that you have access to all T&Ps or just choose the T&Ps applicable to your outfit.

With all these improvements, our clever inhouse developed digital updating solutions and our highly qualified support staff we aim for the highest possible: safe, carefree and efficient navigation.

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