It's easy with AVCS

22 June 2015

The majority of the global tanker fleet is ready to comply with the ECDIS mandate, are you preparing now?

Just over half of around 8,500 tankers in the global fleet are ‘ECDIS ready’, which means the remaining 4,000 or so tankers have to be competently using ECDIS for navigation by their first annual survey from the 1st July 2015.

As a reminder to the fleet of existing cargo ships of 50,000gt; to comply with SOLAS carriage requirements the ships will need to be competently using ECDIS for navigation by their first annual survey from the 1st July next year. If you haven’t started preparing to be ‘ECDIS ready’, then we can help.

To meet the SOLAS requirements for the mandatory carriage of ECDIS, all tankers of 3,000 gross tonnes or more require ECDIS to be fully commissioned no later than the first annual survey from the 1st July 2015.

It's easy with AVCS

AVCS the world’s most chosen ENC service for ECDIS, provides the widest official coverage, allowing ships to navigate on all makes of ECDIS for the entirety of most major routes on a single chart service.

Simple guides to support the transition

To help you transition to and operate AVCS, UKHO have produced a range of reference publications. These publications are designed to provide expert advice and practical guidance to make your transition to ECDIS easier.

ADMIRALTY ENC Maintenance Record (NP133C)
A quick reference folder designed to hold paper records on ENC and ECDIS maintenance making official digital chart information easier to manage, inspect and audit.

ADMIRALTY Guide to the Practical Use of ENCs (NP231)
This comprehensive reference guide assists ENC users, trainers and those responsible for risk and safety management to gain a high level of understanding of the practical use of ENCs.

ADMIRALTY Guide to ENC Symbols used in ECDIS (NP5012)
Giving you both a training aid and a quick reference guide during passage planning and navigation, this guide contains comprehensive information and graphics relating to ENC symbols.

ADMIRALTY Guide to ECDIS Implementation, Policy and Procedures (NP232)
Giving you clear guidance for the efficient integration of operating procedures, this guide helps fleets adopt ECDIS efficiently and aids ISM compliance.

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