Disruption of supply line thrower 250 rocket

26 June 2017

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are still experiencing delay in supply of line thrower 250 rocket propellant, which is an essential, specialised component of the rocket.

Delivery time

Unfortunately, incidents involving unintended ignitions have occurred at the premises of the original sub- supplier, which badly damaged their production facilities. Our supplier has placed propellant orders on alternative suppliers, who required time to procure, manufacture, approve and supply product for us to manufacture more rockets. Our supplier is currently manufacturing rockets and they are receiving intermittent supplies of propellant enabling our supplier to start clearing the backlog of orders.
While the situation is improving, unfortunately, we currently still have to quote 12 weeks plus lead-times for new orders placed. This means from August onwards we should almost be back to the usual routine.
Rest assured that we are doing everything within our power to resolve the situation as quickly as possible and to minimise the effect on our customers and their ships requiring new rockets.

Prolonging of expiry date

If it is not possible for a ship to obtain replacement line throwers, in order to keep vessels in service, the supplier sanctions an extension of the marked service life/expiry date marked on the rocket until the vessel can obtain a replacement line thrower. This extension should not exceed 6 months from the expiry date marked on the rocket and should not exceed 4 years from date of manufacture marked. This is subject to the agreement of the vessels’ flag state, Owner/Operator and local surveyor. Click here for the statement of the maker.
We apologise for the inconvenience and hope to have informed you sufficiently.

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