Attention: Modification intake procedure expired pyrotechnics

20 February 2014

Due to new regulations in the handling and transfer of pyrotechnics, we are forced to modify our intake procedure for pyrotechnical materials that are being offered to us for disposal.

Previously, each disposable item was charged individually. As of now the disposal and destruction of expired pyrotechnics will be charged per kilo. We will charge a fee of € 8,44 per kilo with a minimum of 1 kilo. This fee covers all costs such as re-packaging, transport and destruction.

In general our intake conditions remain the same, meaning we will only except return deliveries of expired pyrotechnics from customers that confirm replacement orders. Due to liability issues within the new regulations we are no longer able to pick up the return deliveries from your premises.
It is of course still possible to send us your expired materials, however please pay special attention to the required packaging and encoding. In case Datema is responsible for a faulty supply, we are only able to organize the return delivery if the original packaging incl. encoding is still intact.
We hope to have informed you sufficiently. Should you have any questions and/or comments, please contact us on +31 (0)596 63 52 52 or by

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