Alert: compromised e-mail

18 November 2015

Unfortunately we had to conclude that we have been affected by identity theft. Some of our customers have received an e-mail on our behalf which contains a virus. We take this matter very seriously and would kindly like to ask you to follow the instructions as listed below. Please accept our sincere apologies for this inconvenience.

The circulation of these e-mails do not take place within the Datema internal server infrastructure, our servers have not been compromised. Within Datema everything is being done to determine the cause of the spread of this e-mail. We will also report the identity theft to the authorities.

It may be possible that your organization has received such an e-mail. The subject of this e-mail is 'Overdue Invoice' and the contact person used is Sacha Manduapessy, however the used e-mail address is false. The e-mail contains an attachment with a ZIP file containing the actual virus. If you have actually received this e-mail, we would like you to contact your IT department to report it. We also recommend that you perform the following actions:

  1. Delete the e-mail directly from your mailbox before opening.
  2. Have you opened the e-mail, than still remove it immediately.
  3. Under no circumstances: do not open the attachment included within the e-mail.
  4. Have you opened the attachment, close it immediately and remove the related e-mail.
  5. Report immediately to your IT department if you have opened the email or attachment.

If your IT department has any questions, they can contact Mark van Halsema at +31 (0) 596 63 52 52. If you have any questions or remarks, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,
Datema Delfzijl B.V.

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