13TH HAL cruise vessel equipped with Datema ENCTrack

27 September 2013

Datema Nautical Safety is still very proud to offer a revolution in marine navigation; ENCTrack, the world’s safest, most efficient and first ever pay-as-you-sail (PAYS) distribution service of ENCs. A system which guarantees access to every nautical chart at all times, no matter when or where you need it, and more importantly: you really only pay for those charts your vessel has actually used. The system is safe, sound and simple.

Holland America Line

With 140 years of experience, Holland America Line is known as the undisputed leader in the premium segment of the cruise industry. Holland America Line's fleet of 15 ships offers more than 500 cruises to 415 ports in 98 countries, territories or dependencies. An important value of Holland America Line is the uncompromising commitment to safety and sustainability, and that’s exactly where the Datema ENCTrack service comes into play. HAL has chosen ENCTrack because of the user-friendly nature of the service allowing their vessels to set-up their voyage plans with unlimited access to all available ENCs worldwide. The ENCTrack service eliminates the need for license management and is compatible with any ECDIS systems. To date 12 Holland America Line and another 2 Seabourn vessels have been equipped with the Datema ENCTrack service. Both lines expect to have all ships on Datema services by end of 2014. Datema Nautical Safety is proud to announce that on Saturday the 27th of July the ms Rotterdam was the next in line to receive ENCTrack with the new GTTS-3000 tracker unit.

Quote Jethro Beck, Staff Captain, ms Noordam

‘ENCTrack system is an easy, user-friendly service which is a great help to the voyage planning and navigation officer due to the ability to plan a voyage using cells which do not need to be paid for, or licensed, until the vessel actually sails through the cell’s footprint (which is automatically logged via the tracking system without no user input required). Another great tool is the update facility which is available even whilst at sea through the ENC4SAT and email corrections service. If there are ever any queries or concerns a prompt response is always available by email or over the phone.’

GTT Systems B.V.

The new tracker unit is developed by GTT Systems B.V., the partner of Datema Nautical Safety in the field of tracking and tracing systems. The MS Rotterdam is the first to be equipped with the new GTTS-3000 tracker unit. The GTTS-3000 transceiver was developed to track & trace sea going vessels and offer a true Global SBD two way communication channel. Special care has been taken in the selection of materials, the construction and the various mounting possibilities for optimum performance in a maritime environment. Keywords are robustness, reliability, long lasting and low cost price. Its most important applications are support for electronic Charts (ECDIS), tracking & tracing of all kinds of vessels, dredgers and marine equipment, shore support M2M applications en general M2M monitoring and control.

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